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All our works include for sheeting of the property, where required, but not for the after-build cleaning. We accept no responsibility for damage to personal belongings, furniture or carpets within the property; you should remove such items (where practical) prior to the commencement of works. Any carpets, flooring ect removed by ourselves and laid back may have to be re-fitted by a professional fitter at a cost to yourselves.
There are no hidden charges, we include for the removal of all waste generated from the works that have been supplied and installed by Fylde Coast Re-Wires. Any large amounts of waste requiring removal may be collected by a 3rd party contractor and will be included within your quotation (if applicable). We can inform you of when the waste collection will be made if you should wish.
Due to the nature of our work with regards to drilling, fixing, coring holes ect, we always recommend that you inform any neighbours that may affected by these works.
All works will be based upon assumption of normal working hours (unless otherwise specified) namely between the hours of 8am- 5pm Monday-Friday and that no restrictions will be placed upon the hours our operatives may work. It is assumed that there are no restrictions to access to all areas of work for our operatives. Additional cost may apply should our operative be unable to work due to limitation of access outside of our control. Our office opening hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.
All materials supplied will remain the property of Fylde Coast Re-Wires until paid for in full. Our terms of payment are 7 days from the date of invoice or full payment on day of completion unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to charge an additional 2% per day on any late payments over the due date.
All NAPIT PART P building regulations compliance certification, for works completed will only be issued on receipt of final payment. All NAPIT certificates for works that were carried out and require further additional remedial works to bring the installation up to current regulations will only be issued on completion of the remedial works and final payment. NAPIT certification and PART P can take up to 30 days to be issued. Should you wish to receive your certification following the works and not require remedial works to be carried out by Fylde Coast Re-Wires then we will issue a non-compliance certification for you.
For your information we have inforce a £10,000,000 Employers liability insurance, £2,000,000 public liability insurance and a £250,000 professional indemnity insurance. Confirmation of these policies can be made available on request.
All our products come with a one year’s manufacturer warranty as standard and we offer our unique twelve year’s workmanship and product guarantee which will be sent to you on completion of works. We have also in place NAPITS insurance backed warranty that provides you with a six year warranty. All works will be carried out in accordance with the latest edition of BS7671IEE WIRING regulations.
We do not guarantee a completion date for works. This is because delays can occur to such matters as availability of parts and materials, changes in specification, the need for additional works to be undertaken, adverse weather ect. If requested, we will endeavour to keep you posted as to the likely completion as the work progresses.
All our price estimates allow for necessary labour, materials, plant and equipment subject to VAT. All parking cost, unless otherwise specified are in addition to your estimate and permits must be arranged by yourselves prior to commencement of works. Any alterations or additions to our estimate will be deemed to be variations and will be subject to additional costs. If your estimate consists of various scopes and options for work and alternative final costs then a TBC will be entered onto your acceptance form and the final balance will be determined after works completion.
Some of our fixed price works will incorporate an initial deposit payment followed by interim staged payments. These payments will be costed in accordance with the progression of works (i.e, start of works, first fix, second fix, completion). For full re-wires works a final retention of 5% of the value of the job may be held back on account until satisfactory completion of works in accordance with the estimate, additional works will be added to the final invoice.
All reactive/call out works allow for a minimum one hour, labour only fixed price + VAT as standard. All materials, parking costs are to be charged in addition to this. Following the minimum first hour fixed price, additional labour time is charged at 30 minute intervals + VAT, as per the first hour charge rate. Specific charges apply for hourly works depending on the area; this will be confirmed with you prior to works commencing. In order to secure your engineer appointment we will require a credit/ debit cards or BACS transfer. There is an additional 2.5% charge for all credit cards payments to cover our banking charges. For day rate works our engineers will produce a job sheet for customers to sign, in order to document the scope of works carried out and materials used. A copy of our rates can be made available upon request.
Once a job booking has been confirmed via receipt of deposit payment and signed acceptance form them our engineers will be allocated to your job on the date specified and materials and plant will be ordered. If your need to re-arrange works for whatever reasons the we will require a minimum 48hrs notice prior to the commencement of the works. Should you wish to cancel the works entirely after paying your deposit and signing your acceptance form, unfortunately you will not be refunded your deposit. If our engineers attend site on agreed date and are unable to carry out works due to reasons outside of our control then a £30.00 administration fee will be applicable for the re-organising of the engineers work schedule. Final payment is due on completion of works.
All materials that are to be customer supplied must be made available on the day of works commencement. Should materials not be made available and an engineer return visit is required this will be charged as an additional cost as per our hourly rate charges as stated above.
Fylde Coast Re-Wires may from time to time, namely during busy periods employ electrical engineers on a subcontract basis to assist with additional workloads. Fylde Coast Re-Wires may also employ inspection and testing engineers to carry out specialist works where required. All our sub-contractors have been working in partnership with us for many years and have been fully vetted and tested and come highly recommended by ourselves and other customers. They carry their own public liability insurance and adhere to our strict codes of conduct and are regularly monitored to ensure the highest possible level of standards. For more information please contact the office.
Fylde Coast Re-Wires offer our unique 48hr pledge to produce your bespoke estimate and pricing proposal. We pledge to have your estimate to you within 48hrs form the date and time our engineer arrived at your property/business. This pledge relates to  standard electrical works only, any specialist requirements for your works i.e material specification, product research required, may require additional time allocated to your estimate production, you will be informed is this is the case.
All our estimates remain open for acceptance for a period of 90 days. If you are satisfied with our scope of works and pricing propsal and wish to proceed with works, you will be required to fill out your details, sign, date and return the enclosed acceptance form and send this along with your desposit you will be contacted to arrange suitable date for the works to commence. Acceptance forms can be sent either via email, post or if necessary a digital signature will be required via a secure link.
Our team of estmators will carry out your estimates and then all works, once accepted are passed to our engineers for intallation and certifcation purposes. Our estimators will always endeaver to interpret your requiremnts as carefully as possiable and we there for ask that you read through and check the scope of works, terms and conditions pricing proposal before accepting the works. Our engineers will be passed your scope of works and be briefed prior to commencing work, however if you are available on the date of works commencement then this will ensure that everything is carried out to your exact requirements.
We have in place an engineer check list that ensures all our operatives thoroughly test and inspect all areas of your installation and run though all controls and programs (if applicable) to ensure that you fully understand the work carried out. We will also ask our engineers for you to sign the checklist after works completation.
All reactive/call out works will be confirmed both verbally and/ or via email confirmation. A copy of our terms and conditons can be made availabe to you on request and is also available from our website.  Acceptance of our scope of works and pricing proposal via email form is the basis of our contract between Fylde Coast Re-Wires and our clients and includes the above terms and conditions.
At Fylde Coast Re-Wires we aim to respond to any enquires from our website with in 30 minutes during working hours of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, any enquireies outside of these time may take upto 48hrs to receive a response.
We hope that we have correctly interpreted your requirments, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our team members.